Chinese language media reported that on Saturday, April 16, a group of Chinese staged a protest in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles’s Hollywood.

They were protesting against the Chinese Communist Party and its human rights abuses.

The demonstrators demand justice for Chinese dissent, pro-democracy leaders, and prisoners of conscience who have been wrongfully imprisoned in mainland China.

Event organizer Jie Lijian said they chose to protest in Hollywood because they want to reach more international people and raise awareness about China’s violation of human rights.

The event is the 577th protest of the Jasmine Revolution, a movement commenced by the Chinese Democratic Party, a pro-democracy party that challenges the current Chinese Communist Party. It is often joined by human rights campaigners and lawyers along with pro-democracy Chinese.

Wang Juntao, Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Democratic Party said that through the efforts, Los Angeles could become an event spot, where people would gather and expose the Chinese Communist Party for its crimes against humans.

Wang Min, Chairman of the National Joint Headquarters of China Democracy Party, said he hopes to have people have more attention to China’s human rights abuses and the democratic movement.

He said China’s extensive foreign propaganda has covered public knowledge of its true self. There are many truths about mainland China, but the outside world knows very little, and the Chinese living in the United States must stand up out, to call, to get everyone’s attention.

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