People in Xiangcheng County, Xuchang, Henan, revealed a COVID outbreak at a local primary school. However, officials covered it up, and no cases were reported.

According to NTD China, another parent disclosed on Weibo (0:33) that his child is quarantined at Kuzhuang Kuqi Elementary School. He heard that the children would be transferred to another isolation point. The parents panicked and rushed to the school, shouting their child’s name across the wall. The distraught parents weren’t given any information and couldn’t see their children; the teachers didn’t reply, and no one responded to them. Many parents were tearful and worried about their children.

The residents of Xiangcheng district added that the authorities had not notified anyone of the incident but had sealed off Xiangcheng district.

Citizen Li from Yuzhou City, Henan, said, “I was quarantined for seven days, then quarantined at home for another three days. I only came out last night. I heard a child died, and I was not allowed to take cold medicine. This epidemic will come out every once in a while. When will it be surrounded, when will it be controlled, sealed, sealed, and sealed continuously…”

The merchant in Xiangcheng County said anonymously: “We are also (closed and controlled). There are no (announced) cases, but the situation is more strict. It’s been a few days.”

A resident of Xiangcheng County, Tian, said, “… all high-speed and national roads have been closed. The pandemic’s specific situation is unclear, but the city has been closed. Xuchang is now under static management. If we can’t get out of the county seat, we will be quarantined at home starting on the 16th.” (1:20 – 1:31)

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