Until now, China insists on its “zero COVID” policy, requiring lockdowns over the smallest number of cases. However, COVID restrictions have been intensifying to tackle the outbreaks.

In addition to wearing masks when entering public places, these primary school students must wear masks even while enjoying their meals.

In one video, primary school students wore masks while eating. Every time they put the food in their mouths, they put the masks back on.

The video aroused discussions online. According to Chinese media Xin Tang Ren, some social media users said the purpose of China’s “zero-COVID” policy was to strengthen social control and make people obey the regime.

The same incident also happened in a restaurant. One video uploaded on September 26 shows a restaurant owner sitting alone at a table. He was about to eat noodles.

Suddenly, two COVID prevention staff came and demanded that the man wear a mask. A heated argument then broke out.

In a humourous video, a woman wears a mask fashioned like a bird’s beak to eat.

The intention of releasing the video remains unknown. Is it meant to make fun of or to cooperate with the official pandemic prevention?  
Back in 2020, a video also circulated online. In the video, half of the class eats while the other half wears masks and waits for their turns.

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