While the world is gradually easing restrictions on the COVID-19 pandemic, the CCP continues with the “zero-COVID” policy, leading to many people living in poverty, with bankruptcy, and even tragedies where people commit suicide.

The video leaked online on September 15 by Twitter account @southsun123 indicates that residents of Panlongcheng District, Wuhan, Hubei, China, from young to old have suffered a lot of pressure. Many have gathered and loudly protested, demanding the government end the lockdown.

Some residents shared that despite having no income, they had to eat vegetables and high-priced meat while still having to pay mortgage and car loans, according to Sound Of Hope.

A resident by the name of Wu from Panlongcheng district, told Sound Of Hope on September 15 that the lockdown continues.

As early as September 3, thousands of residents in some communities began to protest the lockdown order. Authorities sent the police to suppress them.

After that, the Management Committee of the Panlongcheng Economic Development Zone decided to adjust the pandemic prevention measures in this area from September 8. but some places still ordered people to stay at home and provide a 24-hour negative PCR certificate.

The prolonged lockdown has dealt a blow to the foodservice industry. On the September 11 day of the lockdown, the owner of a restaurant in Chengdu cried in a video and said he has struggled to survive for two years since the outbreak of the pandemic. In order to maintain his business, he had to sell his home and his only car last year. His 14-year-old daughter had to share a bed with her parents. Currently, the restaurant is not allowed to serve dine-in or take-out. They fear that one day when the shop has to close, they will have nowhere else to go.

Twitter user @HongnianC posted a video revealing that a 19-year-old girl from Huaguoyuan, Guiyang, jumped from a building after shouting “I’m hungry! Mommy!”

Twitter account @wenjun7011 also leaked the case where a lawyer named Zhang Yong in Chongqing jumped from a building on September 15 due to the pandemic and other reasons such as pressure from low income, heavy debt, leaving his wife, unemployed, and worries for his 4-year-old daughter.

Recently, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a speech, “[It] is a one-party, totalitarian political organization committed to a foreign, anti-Chinese ideology. It started out as a group of brutal, radical extremists. And frankly, not much has changed.” 

The video was posted by the Twitter account “Face up to history, Spread the truth” on September 15 with the message, “Common enemy of mankind, once again exposing the nature of the CCP.”

According to Sound Of Hope, some netizens praised the speech by Pompeo as “The meaning travels beyond words” (Yanjianyigai), meaning succinct, concise, few words but rich and powerful in meanings.

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