China has recently experienced massive rainstorms in the Southern provinces.
SCMP reported that meteorologists have warned this week’s rainstorms are the year’s “strongest, most extensive, and longest.”

Bloomberg, citing China Meteorological Administration’s announcement, reported that some areas of Guangdong province would potentially reach a record of over 50 centimeters of rain an hour from May 10 through May 13.

More than 50 cities and towns across Guangdong have forecasted severe storm warnings. Seven of them show red, the highest in China’s Four-tier emergency alarm system.

According to Liu Bo, associate professor of atmospheric science at the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, the month’s total of recent rainfall in Guangdong is equivalent to the amount that Zhengzhou received last summer of almost a years worth of rains.

Like Guangdong, other southern provinces from Yunnan to Fujian are also getting battered.

Heavy storms from May 9 to May 10 have affected five areas in Guilin, located in the northeast of China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Accordingly, 6,418 people were affected. Fifteen houses collapsed, and 33 were severely damaged.

Guangzhou province suspended all kindergartens and primary and secondary schools from Tuesday to Thursday.

Zhuhai city, located on the central coast of southern Guangdong province, has suspended all sea transport to outlying islands.

According to Da Ji Yuan, the Ministry of Communications said that heavy rains had affected 21 national highways.

According to the National Meteorological Center, heavy rain in the southern regions will harm the wheat crop, currently in the grain filling stage. Any harvest disruption could threaten China’s overall food security.

Previously, China witnessed a record high level of Three Gorges Dam in 2020 due to rainstorms. Last year, hundreds of Hennan residents were killed in floods due to extreme rain.

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