Xi won an absolute victory at the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s 20th Congress. All members of CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee are Xi loyalists.

According to The Guardian, Xi’s hold on power unchecked for the next term could add to the risks for Taiwan. The possibility of this island being invaded by the CCP becomes even greater.

Prof Steve Tsang, the director of the Soas China Institute, said that “by replacing non-loyalists with proteges and loyalists in the party [including the People’s Liberation Army in the new term], Xi has made sure that no one will ever contradict him.”

Tsang added, “The risk of one man making a bad judgment and starting a war is always greater than a group of them doing so.”

Today Online reported that Taiwan’s foreign minister, Joseph Wu, said on Oct 26 that after CCP’s 20th Congress, China’s regime would likely increase diplomatic attacks against Taiwan.

Speaking to lawmakers in a meeting taking place a few days after CCP’s 20th Congress, Wu said that Taiwan had received “signs” and intelligence that Beijing was stepping up its efforts to lure Taiwan’s allies.

During Wu’s term, Beijing managed to draw to its side six of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies. Besides, China’s regime also always finds ways to prevent Taiwan from participating in international organizations.

Currently, there are 14 countries in the world that recognize Taiwan’s government, mainly countries in the Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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