Wu Xiaobo, a well-known Chinese finance writer, has been banned from a social media platform recently. According to Apollo News, the reasons for his suspension remain unclear.

Wu is the latest victim of internet censorship in China after many economic analysts have been banned from social platforms this year for commenting that the Chinese economy has become a high-risk area.

Wu Xiaobo is known as the “most profitable finance writer” in China.

Wu has more than 4.74 million followers on his Weibo account, the Chinese version of U.S. Twitter.

Reports from Chinese financial media revealed that Wu Xiaobo Channel has been suspended on Weibo.

A netizen said that they “hear Wu Xiaobo every day.” But his latest update was on June 2. It means the finance writer has been stopped from commenting and updating new status since then.

At the same time, Weibo users cannot search Wu’s official account on the platform. Weibo left a message, “The user is currently banned due to violation of relevant laws and regulations.”

On June 6, when answering the students’ questions about his social account, Wu Xiaobo said that it had been temporarily stopped on June 3.

In addition to Wu Xiaobo, a number of other economic analysts have also been canceled from Chinese social platforms.

Ren Zeping, the chief economist at a brokerage company, was banned from Weibo on January 12 this year. 

Hong Hao is the former managing director and chief strategist of the Bank of Communications. His Weibo and WeChat public accounts were both canceled on April 30. 

At the end of March, Hong Hao posted on WeChat that, “Beware of Capital Fleeing”, reposted the video on Weibo saying “Shanghai: Zero Activity, Zero GDP”. He also hinted that the Shanghai Composite Index may be below 3,000 points.

Behind the social media’s bans on these economists are their comments on the current tough economic environment in China. 

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