As Shanghai moves to screen through all COVID-positive and close contact citizens, complaints are also mounting at its Nanhui isolation site, where residents of such profiles are centrally put together.

Zhimin Liu (pseudonym) told the Epoch Times Chinese, “There was no food, no drinking water, and no hot water. If you’re hungry—then you will be hungry.”

Liu was present at Nanhui as he had been in close contact with an infected colleague. He was the owner of viral footage, which featured chaotic scenes of people squabbling over scarce basic resources, including water, food, and blankets.

According to the outlet, the video made a widespread appearance on the Chinese internet for a brief period before being censored. Authorities have warned Liu against any further leakage of information.

At Nanhui temporary hospital, Pudong resident Wang Jiandong 王建东 said, “Without food, drink, medicine, medical workers [allocated to us], we thousands of confined people, are stuffed into it. People robbed for whatever they eat or drink.”

Wang said dorms were emptied of beds, forcing people to spend their night on the floor.

According to The Guardian, Bettina Schoen-Behanzin, chair of the EU Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, said those under lockdown face “a severe shortage of living necessities, particularly fresh vegetables, and citizens are unable to get their deliveries via their apps.”

But she noted, “Another really big fear is ending up in one of those mass central quarantine sites.”

Even the journey to Shanghai’s quarantine facilities could be arduous. According to Reuters, Shanghai residents said it could take days for the authorities to get infected people to quarantine centers.

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