The National Security Law of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has further deprived Hong Kong people of their freedom of election, social gathering, and speech over the past year. As a result, a recent poll found that 58% of respondents said they no longer enjoyed life in the territory, while 22% said they wanted to go abroad. 

The Hong Kong Democratic Party’s survey was conducted from Dec. 14 to 24, 2021. The survey asked 534 Hong Kong residents by phone. Based on the results of this survey, the Democrats call on the Hong Kong government to reconsider its conduct. 

Chen Baoming, a representative of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, said that the results reflect that the Hong Kong government must review its policy and guidelines, including how to govern and how to build integrity among the people. 

Chen took an example. He revealed that when the Hong Kong government urged citizens to get a COVID-19 vaccine, officials said 70% of people vaccinated was enough to achieve an anti-epidemic effect. Still, when the number of vaccinated exceeded this number, they continued to urge people to vaccinate.

Chen also said that Hong Kong authorities stipulate that many places are allowed to return to normal life, but they do not allow people to gather at polling stations. He said that such a government’s double standards often confuse the people. 

The survey also found that 43% of people said their freedom was restricted compared to before 1997. Chen noted that other surveys had similar results, that Hong Kong people think that press freedom is declining. 

According to Chen, Hong Kong has changed from “Hong Kong people rule Hong Kong” in the past to “Patriots rule Hong Kong.” The public understands the “patriots” here as those who love the CCP.

Chen said that the survey was timely in reflecting the public’s view of “One country, two systems” under “Patriots rule Hong Kong.”

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