On November 23, Zhengzhou Foxconn’s large-scale employee protests continued. Tens of thousands of employees confronted a large number of armed police.

Many employees were beaten, some received severe head injuries. More than 40 employees were arrested.

Multiple videos of police officers beating up protesting workers have been posted online.

In one video, police dragged two workers away before beating them up. The police repeatedly kicked and beat a worker with batons.

A few workers escaped, but their heads were covered with blood. The onlookers were so angry that they cursed at the police.

Several workers said, ‘Foxconn tricked us. We didn’t want to cause trouble. We were defending our rights. The police beat us.’

The protests continued to erupt because many workers were injured, and the workers wanted to seek justice for their suffering colleagues.

Before, protests broke out on November 22. Foxconn did not ensure COVID safety for workers as promised when recruiting.Videos show a large number of workers participating in the protest. They angrily confront the police. Netizens called the protest of Zhengzhou Foxconn workers ” the largest protest since June 4th “. Many people worried that the military and police would more brutally suppress them.

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