Recently a heartbreaking video shared on the internet has become the focus of public attention, although it was removed quickly afterward. 

A young lady named Ye Ting, from Kaifeng, Henan Province, tried to appeal for justice for her father. The family denounces that while she was at the Qi County Public Security Bureau, she was a victim of police violence. 

Seeking justice is dangerous

A few days before, a female college student named Ye Ting posted a video with her real name on Tik Tok, which became a hot search. She denounced that her father was beaten to death on June 28, 2021, and the aggressors were still free. She wanted a fair investigation. 

According to her family, on December 6, about seven or eight men broke into Ye Ting’s home, snatched her mobile phone, and forcibly took her away. At first, the family did not know her whereabouts and were desperate.

The local police later responded that Ye Ting was safe at the police station. As they considered Ye Ting’s post fake, the Public Security Bureau opened an investigation, and the case was transferred to Kaifeng court.

However, the unfortunate story does not stop here

On the day Ye Ting was released, she was mentally disturbed. The family cannot imagine what happened while she was in detention. Police released her on December 8 under the pressure of public opinion.

The heartbreaking video shows Ye Ting in white clothes, seeming to be in a trance or mentally disturbed. Besides, her mother and another relative were kneeling and crying bitterly in front of the police car when they saw the girl’s state. 

Endless injustice 

Additionally, the People’s Government of Qixian County website released a statement on the situation related to her family. They said that Ye Ting and her family distorted the truth and misled the public about the investigation of the case. They also denied the point “The Hou Tang Village branch participated in her father’s beating, and the public security agencies did not deal with it.”

Later, the brave young lady’s sister made her identity public and went on to seek justice for her older sister and late father. Many netizens were outraged and left many comments about the case. 

One commented, “If you don’t solve it from the root, there will be countless Ye Ting! Just like the girl in chains, she is forgotten!”

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