Here comes a “kimono” incident again, which makes people unable to calm down.

A Japanese iconic outfit known as “Kimono” has become a controversial topic that keeps causing fights in China. 

When a girl was seen wearing the original kimono in August in the city of Suzhou, police came and harassed her. In the end, they had to give it back to her.

And now, a similar case occurred again in the historic city of Fenghuang in Xiangxi, Hunan. And it also starts with a kimono.

In the video, two women wearing kimonos can be seen sitting in the restaurant and getting ready to order their food. A lady came forward and said that they should not wear kimonos.

One passer-by said: “No matter where you are from. I don’t support you wearing these clothes. Please take them off!”

A woman in a Kimono said: “What’s wrong with wearing a kimono? Everything on your phone is from Japan, so don’t use your phone anymore.”

Passerby said: “My mobile phone is a Chinese brand.”

The woman in the Kimono answered: “Chinese brand, the stuff in it is also from Japan. So don’t use it.”

The passerby continued, “This is a Chinese site, not a Japanese site. Let’s not forget our national humiliation!”

The woman in the Kimono replied, “Do you know what national humiliation is?”

During the fight, some other restaurant diners played the Chinese national anthem on their phones.

Also, during the dispute, the older lady carried a small stick in her hand. When she got angry, she kept waving the stick and poking people with it. Two or three restaurant staff always stood in the middle and smiled to stop her, in case the lady might overreact.

As mentioned above, a video that went viral last month showed police yelling at a Chinese woman wearing a Japanese-style kimono. The police dragged the female cosplayer down the street and yelled at her. The woman was then taken to the police station by officers who said she was “picking fights and causing trouble” and told her to write a 500-word review.

According to ET Today News, the woman was wearing a kimono out to take photos with her friends. But the police showed up quickly and took her to the station.

The video shows that the police asked the woman questions in a loud voice. 

“If you are wearing Chinese clothes today, I will never say that”

“but you wear a Kimono today, as a Chinese person, are you Chinese?”

The female cosplayer tried to explain, but the police ignored her and said that if she kept talking, they would arrest her for “picking fights and making trouble.”

As the video ended, the police were seen pulling the woman away while holding her kimono.

In recent weeks, even seemingly small parts of Japanese culture, like anime conventions and women wearing kimonos, have been criticized by the Chinese public.

 The Chinese authorities have long been driving a strong aversion to Japan. As Beijing struggles with the Western alliance, of which Japan is a part, a growing nationalism has also surfaced. There is strong propaganda convincing people that they dislike Japan, along with the regime’s version of war crimes during the Sino-Japanese wars and that Japanese officials often visit temples honoring Japanese war criminals.
People in China and Japan don’t like each other very much. As an example, a study done by the Beijing-Tokyo Forum at the end of the year 2020 showed that 52.9% of Chinese people didn’t like Japan.

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