As parents, everyone wants their children to have a promising future. However, placing too high expectations on a child without caring about their thoughts is also applying pressure on them.

Recently, the Chinese social network stirred up a video recording of a scene of a little girl crying while asking her father why he didn’t let her go out, even though she had finished all her homework.

At first, the girl agrees to compromise and will try to change herself according to her father’s will, but in return, she needs freedom and time to relax. She even said tearfully, “Where am I bad for you or where am I bad, I can change it” 

The father then replied, “You have been very good lately, the results are good, so you’ll be allowed to play for a while but not for too long.”

The father didn’t finish talking, and the little girl said she was trying her best. Every day she had to learn lessons and do a lot of exercises without having the time to hang out like other children. In addition, she hopes her father can understand that she is also an average child.

However, the father insisted that his daughter continue trying, using arguments. This puts more stress on the little girl. She could not hide her sadness and said: “If possible, try to bear my pressure. Please appreciate each child’s childhood.”
According to Sohu, the video quickly attracted the attention of netizens on Weibo. Many people were impressed with the little girl’s words and commented that it is necessary to balance study and rest and that parents should not impose such strong opinions on children.

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