On June 9, some netizens broke the news that a plane had allegedly crashed into houses in Laohekou City, Xiangyang, Hubei. The incident triggered an explosion. According to the video posted on the Internet, some local houses were on fire at the scene, with thick smoke billowing up into the sky. 

After receiving the news, Chinese media Sina News cited Beijing Youth Daily as reporting that Laohekou Emergency Management Bureau’s leaders and staff had rushed to the scene at around 9 a.m. to deal with the situation. However, no feedback had been reported on the specific situation.

The Laohekou Municipal Government Office staff was also dispatched to the location. According to the initial understanding, the staff member stated that the crashed plane was not a civil aircraft.

Then, CCTV Military published an article regarding the incident at about 2 p.m. on the same day. Accordingly, the crashed plane was identified as an Air Force J-7 aircraft, and it crashed during training.

It is known that one person was killed and two were injured. The plane dropped from the sky near an airport in Xiangyang, Hubei. 

The pilot successfully parachuted and was sent to the hospital for examination and treatment.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

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