Henan: People rush to find treasure at Xiaohuang riverbank

Recently, news of ancient coins discovered at Xiaohuang riverbank in Xinyang City, Henan Province, caused many people to rush there for treasure hunting.

Some videos shared on the internet show the river drying up and the riverbank exposed. Many people use various tools, such as shovels, to dig; some even use metal detectors. They collected some ancient coins and artifacts.

As reported by Chinese media, on October 14, the Huangchuan County Bureau of Culture staff said that they had sent samples of coins to the cultural relics department of Henan Province for identification.

The public security organs have jointly set up obstacles on the scene and sent special personnel to take care of them. Coin finders are urged to surrender them to the cultural relics division or the public security agencies.

The weird ‘blanket’ cloud over Guangxi sky

On October 13, people in Baise, Guangxi, shared photos of the beautiful sky. There is a blue sky on one side and white clouds on the other, and the boundary between them is like a distinct coastline.

Chinese media cited Tang Yuyong, an expert, as saying that blanket clouds are normal celestial phenomena. The clouds are translucent high cumulus clouds, just a flat intersection of different weather systems. Discontinuities in high altitude fronts or discontinuities in water vapor can form these phenomena.

Fossils of late Cretaceous dinosaur eggs discovered in Wuning, Jiangxi

Chinese experts confirmed a dinosaur egg fossil was unearthed at a construction site in Wuning County, Jiangxi. The conclusion was released based on analysis of the eggshell slices on the evening of October 9 and a field survey on the afternoon of October 10.

The dinosaur egg fossil dates from about 95 million to 80 million years ago, in the early and middle-late Cretaceous. This discovery is of great significance to the paleontological research of the late Cretaceous period in northern Jiangxi.

According to China News, this isn’t the first time paleontological fossils have been discovered in Wuning County. On March 30 this year, a research report showed that there are fossils of armored fish “Junqing Qingshui Fish” and “Hedgehog Anji Fish” from the early Silurian Period, about 438 million years ago.

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