Dongfeng town, Zhongshan city, Guangdong province, where the pandemic re-emerged a few days ago, was immediately locked down, requiring a travel pass to enter. However, the cumbersome procedure for issuing passports has angered a lot of people.

According to NetEase, in the early morning on October 5, Dongfeng town detected a number of cases of abnormal nucleic acid tests, and immediately informed authorities about the implementation of temporary traffic control. In principle, only pandemic workers are allowed to enter and exit. If people want to go in and out, they need to have a 24-hour negative nucleic acid test certificate and a travel pass. People complained that the procedure was troublesome.

A Dongfeng resident by the name of Mi, said in an interview with NTDTV, “People can enter but can’t go out due to the pandemic. They must show their travel pass, but they have to queue up for a long time. It’s very annoying, then they have to prove something.”

Some netizens reflected on Weibo that in order to prevent and control the pandemic in Dongfeng, the whole town was locked down. A lot of people gathered to wait for the lockdown to be lifted. Is this good for pandemic prevention?

Some online videos show residents from Dongfeng storming into a government office to apply for a travel pass, the police are unable to stop them.

It was also revealed by residents that some people fought with staff over the lack of documents for a travel pass.

An owner of a supermarket, who didn’t give his name, in Dongfeng said, “Yesterday was really chaotic. Everyone was fighting back and forth, they had to complain. Like business licenses, you can’t do anything without those. People have no way other than to fight and complain.”

According to the notice on travel passes, for business trucks, a copy of the business license, a copy of the truck driver’s license, and other documents are required.

Another video shows Dongfeng residents lining up for nucleic acid testing. The report said that, for three consecutive days from October 5, all employees of the town had nucleic acid tests.

A video shows a supermarket in Dongfeng. Many shelves are completely empty. Vegetables and pork are almost gone.

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