The term “tofu-dreg project” describes a poor building in Chinese words. Tofu-dreg projects in China have been a growing problem for many years.

A street in Qijiang, Chongqing, suddenly collapsed on October 3. That morning, a dozen or so people then fell into the sewage underneath. Many passersby’s stopped and pulled them out onto the side of the street.

The video reveals a vast cesspool filled with black water at the scene of the street collapse. Its depth is equivalent to an adult’s waist height.

Several people gathered to pull people out one after another. People who fell into the cesspool still managed to smile once they were pulled up.

If the sewage pool had been any deeper, it would have been no laughing matter.

In another video, a man can be seen swimming in the sewage pit and searching for anyone trapped in the sludge.

China’s state-run media haven’t responded to the incident. 

This street section is now being repaired, and traffic has been restricted.

According to mainland media reports, the water is black and smelly. People were saved from the sewage and were covered in excrement and urine.

Many netizens then left their comments concerning the incident.

“I feel that people are still laughing…They are laughing at their own fate, and are they laughing at their fate next time?”

“Similar incidents have happened in Qijiang before!”

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