Shanghai’s prolonged lockdown has caused serious secondary disasters. Due to the shortage of supplies, people can only join special online groups to buy food at high prices while others starve.

Many humanitarian aid supplies from the suburbs, while heading to Shanghai, were rotting in transport trucks and thrown away. However, in recent days, Shanghai police have focused on arresting these shippers. This move has raised many doubts from the public.

State-run CCTV reported on May 1 that Shanghai Public Security began to concentrate on investigating and punishing these “delivery workers.” Police have set up checkpoints at key road sections around shops, bridges, metro stations to ensure every car is checked and everyone is tested.

On May 1, more than 820 people were caught involved in the illicit freight forwarding business. 828 cars were seized, and 535 people were detained.

Many citizens said they could not understand such actions. They had been asking why it took lots of time to deliver food.

In face of the epidemic, the provision of essential food is the minimum that needs the government’s support. Still, the Shanghai police control the delivery strictly. This aroused the anger of the people.

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