On November 1, the Zhengzhou government issued a notice to relax anti-epidemic regulations to appease public opinion after the incident of thousands of Foxconn factory workers fleeing from the factory at the end of October. However, some residents reacted with suspicion and anger, referring to it as a performance-lifting lockdown.

On social networking platforms, residents accused the authorities of making a show on social media, ostensibly loosening restrictions, to avoid greater pressure. 

As reported by Da Ji Yuan, some people on Twitter and private WeChat circles said that a shopping center had reopened on November 1, and employees were asked to be present. However, the neighborhood was still on lockdown, and the mall’s opening was just an official show.

In a conversation shared by people in a residential community, one resident said he was outraged. They were allowed to go to the supermarket, but when the leader came out, they were immediately quarantined.

According to DaJiYuan, residents of Zhengzhou expressed frustration and anger over the ongoing control. Rumors circulated on WeChat circles that local hospitals were even turning patients away in the name of pandemic prevention. Many netizens discuss that “secondary disasters are being ignored.”

The term “performance lifting lockdown” is widely mentioned on Weibo. However, this term quickly became blocked. And it currently was not searchable as a hashtag.

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