China has been experiencing hard times this year, and the current situation is not much better. In Shanghai, the Beijing authorities not only implemented but also strengthened the most strict epidemic preventive and clearance methods. On May 10, the Shanghai Metro shut down all lines and stations, thus turning the city into a jail.

The Shanghai Metro was first restricted for epidemic prevention. Since April 2, only Lines 6 and 16 were operating from 7 am to 8 pm. On May 10, the subway was entirely shut down for the first time in history, including Lines 6 and 16.

Many netizens were angry at the Shanghai Metro. In response to the sudden suspension, they expressed their outrage on the station’s account on Weibo—a popular social media platform in China.

Following the announcement, a wave of Shanghai citizens criticized the pertinent units for being too late to make the announcement. They were concerned that hundreds of people who had waited until the next morning to take lines 6 and 16 would be unable to return home.

According to data released by Shanghai Metro on Weibo, the number of subway users on May 10 was 70,000.

One day before Shanghai’s completed shutdown

On May 9, Hongqiao Railway Station immediately saw a wave of people fleeing. A large number of people lined up to enter the train station with their luggage. Netizens lamented that such a scene looked very similar to the doomsday escape.

According to a video on Twitter, a crowd lined up at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. The man who recorded the video said this scene was like a massive escape from an apocalyptic movie.

Many people could only walk to the railway station or the airport after the lockout was loosened a little since all public transportation was suspended.

In another video on Twitter, to leave Shanghai, a young man from Henan walked to Hongqiao Airport for two days to buy a ticket home with a suitcase and a large backpack.

After seeing the video, netizens noted that these people have been suffering beyond words. They wished them good luck and recommended that they pay attention to safety.

On May 8, a 60-year-old man, Huang Jiancai, was sitting on the roadside outside Hongqiao Railway Station waiting for the high-speed train to go home. He told the media who interviewed him that he was pulling a suitcase containing his wife’s ashes. She died of cancer on May 6. He said he would take his wife home no matter what.

Since there was no bus, Huang walked for 7 hours to Hongqiao Railway Station. He eventually returned to his home in Changzhou with his wife’s ashes.

In another video on May 10, Shanghai people who couldn’t stand the long-term blockade chose to take a six-story-long ladder to escape from their own house.

Those who were released from quarantine may not be in a better situation as they came home and were isolated again.

According to Radio Free Asia, a family returned home after completing the 14-day quarantine. They discovered that the entire family’s belongings had vanished. They inserted the key in the gate 14 days ago, as per the government’s orders. It turns out that this is the equivalent of allowing people to loot your home.

The man who filmed the video said that he accepted the disinfection because a confirmed person was at home. But after they returned home, there was nothing. No one was willing to take responsibility for the community, property, and disinfecting. Finally, the man called the police to deal with it.

Netizens have commented that this is not surprising, and this is what the government said clearing means.

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