China previously had a case where police told a restaurant owner to “wear a mask when eating,” which sparked outrage. To date, even more severe law enforcement measures have been put in place in Henan province. Three men who were not wearing masks in a restaurant, were threatened when an enforcement officer started smashing tables with an ax.

The video of the incident was shared on Reddit on October 24. In the video, a man wearing a shirt with the CCP’s logo on his back yelled at three men for eating without a mask, then he threatened to call the police to arrest them. At the same time, another man used an ax to smash several tables in the restaurant.

On September 21, China’s Tencent newspaper published a funny video, then it was widely spread on Chinese social networks. In the video, a group of pandemic workers gathered around the tables of people eating and told them to put on masks.

The people were frustrated and asked the police, “Do you wear masks when eating?”

A pandemic worker took the initiative to model for everyone. He pulled down the mask and quickly pulled it up, at the same time said, “I eat like this, is it okay?”

The video has sparked ridicule.

Aboluowang quoted some netizens’ comments:

The account @Bottled Fireworks said, “If he swapped places, he would surely realize how stupid and silly what he said was, but the outer layer of his body (meaning as an anti-pandemic officer) was what made him say stupid things so eloquently.”

Another netizen said, “Please go check your brain.”

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