According to a video circulating on the Internet, students living in Peking University, Wanliu Park, gathered at midnight on May 15 to protest the school’s fence-up of a wall to constrain the pandemic.

Citing social media posts, Radio France International (RFI) reported that the reason behind the protest was that the university took advantage of the night’s darkness to construct the wall as a pandemic-control measure on the evening of May 15.

The wall construction was built without soliciting students’ opinions or issuing an advance announcement, which outraged the students.

Accordingly, the wall has divided the Wanliu dormitory into two parts, one for students and the other for the faculty members.

While faculty staff can freely go around their areas, the student’s area is sealed off. The blockage left students unable to go to eat in the student dormitory’s cafeteria or even order the take-away and be detained in the restricted area.

Based on videos, Sound Of Hope reported that Chen Baojian, the Party Committee’s deputy secretary and Peking University’s vice president, showed up at the protest’s scene shortly later, asking the students to disperse and return to the dormitory.

He promised to solve the problem but the students have responded to Chen’s remarks with boos. Then they shouted to “tear down the wall” together, followed by the banging sound.

In response, Chen walked over to have a look at the situation before shouting to the gathering students, asking them to “put down their phones” and “protect Peking University.” Following the remarks, Chen immediately received a strong reaction from the students.

Some students questioned in loud voices, “Who protects us?”, “Does the wall protect Peking University ?”

According to RFI, the vice-president finally joined with the students to dismantle the wall. Then once again, he asked the students not to gather anymore and return to the dormitory in an orderly manner.

The students eventually dispersed at around 11 pm after demolishing the wall.

Shortly after the incident, Weibo posts and videos related to Peking University were all blocked.

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