Tiktok is a Chinese-owned social media app that many users worldwide like. But unfortunately, although it brings connection and entertainment value to people, it also has many harmful effects.

As reported by Da Ji Yuan, Anthony Luczak, an advanced practice registered nurse in pediatric primary care from the U.S., said that TikTok has become addictive for young people and causes anxiety, depression, and harmful behaviors.

He points out that China’s use of the app to collect data is a security threat, but Luzak’s primary concern is the clinical impact of TikTok.

Luczak told Da Ji Yuan, “Harmful content trends are nothing new to social media. But TikTok is different because it seems to adapt its harmful content to each user.” Luczak states, “TikTok is actively trying to make each person using it into a worse version of themselves, and this is incredibly dangerous for children.”

Luzak added that TikTok knows which kids are vulnerable to depression, anxiety, rebellion, drug use, violence, criminal activity, or pornography—and capitalizes on those trends.

Luzak believes that TikTok’s most significant appeal to young people is a “hyper-addictive interface that is always monitoring the users’ interests.” However, “The use of TikTok appears to undermine or destroy the individual’s ability to focus attention for extended periods….”

This expert’s solution is to stop using Tik Tok completely to overcome the addiction.

Luczak said that people of all ages must be protected from TikTok. He said, “Warn your friends, and teach your kids to say, ‘I don’t do TikTok.'”

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