According to Sound of Hope, on December 4, another large-scale protest broke out at Wuhan University. A group of students gathered in front of an administrative building and chanted, “Disclose the process! Transparency of information!.”

Epoch Times reported a student of Wuhan University said that even though neighboring provinces’ universities have sent their students home due to the recent worsening of the pandemic, Wuhan University is still closed, and no online learning is taking place. 

Some students complained that several small shops on the campus were closed and could not deliver, leaving many students without warm clothes. Furthermore, some dormitory buildings lacked hot water.

Blomberg said the students at the protest refrained from directly criticizing the ruling Communist Party or President Xi Jinping, topics discussed at other recent protests in China. Students in Wuhan were instructed not to bring blank pieces of paper to the protest and to stay away from political subjects.

Disclose the process! Transparency of information!

The same evening, Wuhan University said in a statement that students could stay on campus or leave, and courses would continue.

Bloomberg News said the video and the social media posts had not been independently verified. Requests for comment from the university went unanswered.

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