China’s ‘Zero Covid’ policy had brought Shanghai to a standstill. However, from the beginning of June, Shanghai authorities announced they would gradually lift the city’s lockdown. Besides citizens, many COVID prevention workers have even taken to the streets to protest against the controlling regime.

COVID prevention workers often dress in white hazmat suits. As a result, people called them Big Whites or Dabai.

A COVID outbreak hit Shanghai over the past months. Since then, authorities have recruited many volunteers to work as Dabai to tame the pandemic, mainly by locking down the people.

As China’s financial hub resumes normal activity, it’s time for these workers to ask for their salaries.

On June 15, several online videos show Dabai gathering at the Gonghexin Road Residential District Community gate in the Jing’an District of Shanghai to protest. They took to the streets to demand salaries and to defend their rights. [Video 0:00-0:13] [0:15- 0:17] “We want wages. We want money. Pay back our money.”

[0:18-0:25] “Pay back”

In another video, dozens of people in white took to the street to demonstrate. They walked and shouted slogans.

[0:25- 0:37]

“Pay back.”

“Pay back my hard-earned money.”

In this regard, netizens left many comments.

“There is a feeling of wanting to say “deserved.” Those who assisted in the enslavement and oppression of the people deserve sympathy? Do they deserve it?”

“I want to see why the police haven’t come out and beat them up?”

“Isn’t Dabai a volunteer? Do you understand what a volunteer is? Only those who provide labor for free are worthy of being called volunteers. What you want for this money is unreasonable. I don’t support paying money. Why give a good reputation and still benefit.”

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