Recently, “passports cut” has been circulating on social platforms; however, some border inspection agencies have refuted the rumors.

On July 10, a Twitter user “Gao Jian” @gaojian2010 posted a picture of a passport with a corner cut off by border guards. He left a caption saying that customs do not cut passports, and now leaving will not be allowed.

As of writing, his post has received nearly 1,700 retweets and over 6,200 likes.

According to “Gao Jian,” he was about to depart from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Germany. He was supposed to take Qatar Airways 875. However, the staff tore his boarding pass up when he arrived at the counter. He then asked for half of the ticket as a souvenir.

A friend of “Gao Jian” posted a picture showing him at the airport that day. He is a person with a red, white, striped shirt, preparing for the trip to Germany.

Some netizens ask “Gao Jian” why the authorities cut his passport. He answered that he received a reply, saying it is neither a tourist visa nor dual nationality. The passport is valid for three years. The reason given by the border inspector is that the issuing agency has canceled his passport, and the authorities have the right to do so. In the afternoon, the Luliang City National Security Detachment confirmed this statement.

Some Twitter netizens commented that the passport was cut because the border inspection station received a notice from the National Security of Bureau of Lulian City. 

Efforts to contact many local departments, such as Luliang City Exit-Entry Administration and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Frontier Inspection Bureau, have failed because no one answered the phone.

On May 13, the National Immigration Administration of China reported that the passports cut at three border inspections, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou were just rumors.

The Beijing notice shows that according to Article 67 of the “Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China,” passports that are forged, altered, obtained fraudulently, or declared invalid by the certificate issuing authority are invalid. The public security agency may confiscate or cancel passports by cutting its corners.

Nevertheless, the original text of Article 67 of China’s Exit-Entry Administration Law does not show the phrase “cancel passports by cutting corners.”

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