According to RFA’s report on July 25, the party chief of Gansu province, Zhou Wei, died at the office at the age of 56. 

Officials announced Zhou Wei’s death on Sunday (July 24) but did not mention the cause of death. Local sources are quoted as saying that he died of “depression.”

However, according to The Epoch Times Chinese version, on July 25, internet user “iXX” claimed that Zhou Wei jumped from the window of the south office on the 9th floor of the provincial Party Building and fell onto the eaves on the 2nd floor, and died.

The Epoch Times Chinese cited information from mainland media saying that Zeng Bing, a member of the Standing Committee of Dalian City Party Committee and deputy mayor, died of “sudden illness” at 52 years old on July 23.

Recently, there have been frequent reports of CCP officials dying suddenly and unexpectedly in China.

Liu Wenxi, Deputy Governor and Police Chief of Hebei Province, passed away suddenly at the age of 54 on July 3.

In May, Zhao Ge, secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee, died of a serious illness at the age of 52. Netizens claimed Zhao’s death was an unusual case.

On April 27, CCP announced that Liao Guoxun, deputy party secretary and mayor of Tianjin, had died suddenly. However, it was disputed that Liao did not die from illness but committed suicide.

There are many explanations for the unusual deaths of Chinese officials. Some netizens said that the officials died unnaturally because they feared being investigated for corruption. Others said that they were killed in fights within the CCP.

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