As one of China’s three largest cities, Guangzhou is a major port and transportation hub in Southern China. 

The COVID situation in Guangzhou is getting worse. With thousands of cases per day and two more districts being under lockdown, it mimics the situation in Shanghai before the months-long lockdown and worries everyone. 

On Wednesday, November 9, more than 3,000 new COVID cases were reported in Guangzhou. The real case count might be higher, as people often cast down on China’s official numbers. 

On the same day, two districts issued the lockdown order. But the government called it by a new term, literally “strengthening social epidemic prevention and control measures.”

Since Thursday, November 10, 8 districts in Guangzhou switched from offline to online teaching for elementary and middle schools. 

Few other districts extend measures or impose temporary lockdowns.

Usually, under China-style lockdown, the date of easing restrictions is announced first. But once the lockdown begins, it is often delayed and extended, just like in the case of Shanghai.

A video released on Wednesday showed people in Guangzhou scrambling for vegetables at night amid concerns about a potential lockdown. Other scenes show people fleeing the area also at night.

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