The Chinese regime’s “zero-COVID” policy has caused large-scale protests across the country, forcing officials to relax restrictions. However, recently on Twitter and China’s Weibo, a video circulated, in which some pandemic staff commonly known as Dabai broke into a woman’s house and dragged off her to quarantine. They did not present documents, ignored the woman’s pleas that she was only wearing underwear and could not go immediately, and arrested her. The video sparked a strong reaction from Chinese netizens, who criticized the Dabai’s behavior as too evil.

In the video, some the Dabai kicked the door of the woman’s house. The woman asked them to stay away from her and told them, “You can’t come in now.” They told her to pack up and one shouted, “Hurry up and pack, are you packing? Hurry up!” The woman said that she was going as fast as she could but she also want to see the document that listed the people going to quarantine.

The woman continued to say that she wanted to know their identities, but the Dabai ignored her.

On camera, the Dabai approach the woman and they yell back and forth until in the end, with the constant shaking images and the sound of hysterical screaming, the woman was taken away.

Aboluowang said, this video has caused outrage on Twitter and Weibo. After watching it, one person said, “I can’t watch anymore, I’m so angry.” And another commented, “Arbitrarily breaking into a private house, do they understand the law?”

Some people believe that pandemic staff must give their identity when on duty. Some are worried that pandemic protective suits on online are inexpensive and they fear that someone will use it to deceive and do bad things.

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