The CCP suddenly lifted the pandemic control but did not have the corresponding preparations, causing a series of consequences. The people are still the ones who suffer the most.

According to The Epoch Times Chinese edition, local governments operate independently in handling the pandemic. Even different departments, industries and companies in the same area have different requirements that make disease management chaotic and people confused.

Wang, a Beijing citizen, said in an interview with The Epoch Times on December 14 that they drove back to Beijing on December 10 without many inspections along the way.

When they checked into the hotel in Jiangsu on December 8, they were asked to show the itinerary code and health code. But at noon the next day, they didn’t get asked when they checked into the hotel in Shandong.

After entering Beijing, Wang found that the requirements were different everywhere.

When you go to a restaurant or some dining place, you still have to check health codes, nucleic acids, and so on, but some supermarkets and shops barely look at them.

Chen from Zhengzhou also echoes the same as Wang.

On November 21, Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan, who is in charge of the CCP’s Zero Covid fight, said that wherever there are infections, they must be brought to zero.

Nine days later, she said Omicron’s toxicity was “reduced,” although the number of new cases in Beijing remained high.

When the CCP abruptly canceled its stifling zeroing policy, its propaganda arms turned to educating the public about Omicron’s “harmlessness” and promoting the idea of self-care.

Since the lockdown was lifted, propaganda machines have repeatedly reassured people through broadcasts, and public consultations, if infected, most people will have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic and can self-isolate at home. “Be the first to take responsibility for your own health” is becoming the new public health slogan of the CCP.

On social media, residents expressed surprise and anger at the reversal of the CCP’s epidemic prevention policy. Many people use words like “chameleon” and “two-faced person” to refer to the government and the so-called “epidemic prevention experts.”

For example: “Chameleons can’t change as much as you”

A netizen even wrote a poem mocking the contradictory statements of epidemiologists named “Expert Shenwu”.

The CCP has also begun censoring popular search topics and keywords related to “pandemic” and “Beijing pandemic” on Weibo. On December 13, VOA reported that posts under the “Beijing Pandemic” trending topic had been strictly filtered.

Meanwhile, the prolonged propaganda about the dangers of COVID for 3 consecutive years has caused many people to face the disease in confusion. Many are panic-buying in fear of a potential new winter peak.

The fever to buy medicine has spread to both countries and neighboring areas where Chinese people live, such as Hong Kong, Macau, and Australia.

Chang Linyun, a 42-year-old mother in Beijing, said she asked friends in Australia to buy fever-reducing medicine for her young son because local pharmacies had sold out.

Another resident said, “My friend told me that the pharmacy near her house in Melbourne has sold out of fever reducers because there are too many Chinese daigou.”

In the Melbourne suburb of Box Hill, one of the largest Chinese communities in Australia, a pharmacist said several nearby pharmacies had sold out of ibuprofen.

In Macau, health authorities have imposed purchase restrictions on medicines used to treat symptoms of COVID-19.

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