Insomnia is now gaining a foothold after Chinese people went through many stressful periods due to the raging COVID pandemic. It has caused many special services, such as “lull to sleep,” to begin to bloom in this country.

As reported by Chinese media, types of services commonly include text and voice. Each service contains blind boxes, town stores, and other packages. The blind box package is generally about $1.40 to $2.80 (10-20 yuan) for 15 minutes. The price tag of a monthly sleep coaxer package is as high as $2,500 a month.

When the price has been agreed upon, the coaxer will help the customer fall asleep by singing, telling stories, reading the news, and so on. If the customer has not fallen asleep after 10 minutes, the order needs to be renewed.

In addition to sleep coaxers, there are many sleep aids in China, such as smart sleep devices, aromatherapy, etc. At the same time, there are various sleep aid apps, such as snail sleep, koala sleep, meditation, and more.

Viral video of crying boy trying to teach his younger sister math

Recently, a video of a boy bursting into tears and arguing with his younger sister because of her stubbornness while doing math homework excites everyone.

As reported by SCMP, with 8 million views on Douyin alone, the video of the boy in tears quickly became a trending topic online.

The mother from Liaoning province shared in the video that she had previously taught her daughter math. However, she could not contain her anger when her daughter was stubborn and wanted to do things her way. Her 12-year-old son later suggested that the mother must be calmer and gentler when teaching her younger sister. He then offered to replace his mother with this task. As a result, the two children started arguing over the solution to a math problem.

Images of parents losing patience while teaching their children to study have become commonplace in China. Some parents have even hurt themselves out of frustration.

According to Chinese media, a father in Hangzhou broke the bones in his right hand earlier this month while teaching his son homework. It was caused when he became angry and thumped his hand on the desk.

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