Overseas Chinese students on Tuesday, November 29, gathered in major cities around the world to hold vigils to honor victims in China and rallies to protest against the Chinese regime over its brutal zero-COVID policy.

The rare overseas protests from Chinese students are organized to support the widespread protests that have taken place across China.

Over 20 cities and elite universities worldwide held simultaneous rallies, including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, London, and Manchester. More significant events will be held over the weekend, showing overseas Chinese resistance to the CCP.

According to the AP, many protesters gathered at Harvard University in Boston to show their support for mainland protesters.

They are mostly Chinese students from elite Ivy League colleges. The protesters called for Chinese leader Xi Jinping to step down as they sang songs and chanted slogans, “We are not slaves. We are citizens!” “We don’t want dictatorships. We want elections!” and “Step down, Xi Jinping.”

The Harvard protesters laid flowers at the famous John Harvard statue to honor the ten victims killed in a fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, last week due to Beijing’s strict anti-virus controls.

A protest was also held in Philadelphia where several hundreds of Chinese students at the University of Pennsylvania gathered and called for an end to COVID lockdowns.

The students shouted, “No zero-COVID policy,” “Unlock the whole country,” “Release the people,” “Anti-dictatorship,” “Apologize to the people of the whole country,” “Press freedom,” “Freedom of Speech.”

A Chinese student told the Epoch Times that he admired his friends in Shanghai who dared to join the protest on Urumqi road. He said that, unlike the U.S., where he could protest with no danger, his friends in China risked their lives as they showed their courage to stand up for their rights.

He said, “All my friends in China, in Shanghai, in Beijing, in other Chinese cities face more danger to speak out, to say what they want, to reveal who they are.”

AP reported that another protest also was held at Columbia University in New York on Monday. More protests to support the Chinese people are planned at other American universities in the coming days.

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