All regions across China are being pushed to close in the name of pandemic prevention as the 20th National Party Congress draws nearer.

Yunnan, Hunan, and Hainan provinces have announced the lockdowns of tourist cities. As a result, many tourists coming here have been trapped. The stranded guests must reluctantly spend money to quarantine at motels and hotels and perform daily COVID tests.

So far, there is no sign of the lockdown ending. Some tourists stuck in Zhangjiajie – a tourist city in Hunan province, even went to the city hall to protest but were asked to leave; the problem has not been resolved.

On October 8, residents in Zhangjiajie told NTD that after a local COVID case was found, authorities immediately locked down the city, trapping tourists.

A Zhangjiajie citizen, by the name of Zhang said, “We are now under lockdown. Yesterday the whole city was blocked off, the national highways were all closed, and tourists were not allowed to travel. After two tests per three days, those who are not infected can go. Now they can’t go, for the stranded people here, the government has two designated hotels for them to stay.”

Currently, more than 300 people are stuck at Zhangjiajie Airport. A large number of passengers have been taken to the hotel for quarantine. They have to pay 180 yuan or about $25 a night and adults are not allowed to share a room.

A businessman in Zhangjiajie city by the name of Wang said, “Currently, the entire scenic area is not allowed to leave. If visitors enter, the health code will change the color later, and you will be checked, controlled, and dragged to the hotel for quarantine, unable to go out. We are all indoors; we do COVID tests every day .”

The beautiful ancient town of Fenghuang in Hunan was also closed on October 6. Many tourists fled, but authorities blocked the highway on and off ramps. It ended up that the tourists were stranded in their hotel.

Like others, in the famous tourist city of Jinghong in Yunnan, thousands of tourists have been stranded and forced to stay in hotels paying as much as 1,000 yuan or $140. The local police used guns to threaten the fleeing tourists.

Even tourists on the train to Yunnan, Kunming received notices that they would be sent to quarantine after getting off the train for 320 yuan a day.

In the evening of October 5, in Xiaojingwan, Guangzhou, an infection was found in the community, causing tourists and residents to go into quarantine overnight.

Netizens mocked pointed out that “lockdown control zones can make money so fast, even the service should imitate it.”

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