The Chinese regime announced more control measures in the networking sector on March 17 under the so-called “Qingliang” campaign. The campaign aims directly at the online activities of the entertainment industry, including artists and their fans.

Sheng Ronghua, deputy director of the Cyberspace Administration of China, said at a press conference on March 17 that the department had deleted over 2160 programs, disposed of over 1.34 billion accounts, and banned over 7200 streamers’ accounts. More than 2160 applications and small programs were taken down, and more than 3200 websites were closed.

This year, the campaign’s actions will focus on ten critical tasks, including activities of the crackdown on internet rumors and the correction of online live broadcasts and short films.

Following the announcement, the Chinese social media platform Weibo announced on March 17 a new feature that displayed the location where people published the post to maintain internet security. The movement came after the company discovered that some users distributed fake news.

Previously, the Cyberspace Administration of China also stated in September last year that using algorithms to govern the public network was necessary.

Dong Guangping, a pro-democracy activist in China, told Xin Tang Ren media that the Chinese Communist Party must do so to maintain its dictatorial reign. If it did not, once the people’s minds were opened up and realized the evil of the CCP, the basis of the CCP’s ruling would be lost.

In China, the use of VPN is prohibited. Content providers must abide by the state’s regulations and propaganda to operate. According to research by Chatham House in 2021, Beijing had intensified suppression of online speech during the COVID outbreak, which “has a detrimental effect on the ability of citizens to realize other rights, including the right of access to information, freedom of thought and opinion, and the right to health.”

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a discussion at the Cambridge Union last year, “China is tightening. It’s getting worse and worse in terms of democratic reform, freedom of speech or pluralism, or just the ability of people to speak out.”

Pelosi added that the Chinese regime was just trying to express itself, which was a significant problem.

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