The “zero-COVID” policy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seems to be out of control. The repression, the lockdown of the Tibet region, and the massive transfer of hundreds of residents to quarantine centers, has outraged Chinese citizens. Several videos circulated on social networks denounce the mistreatment and abuse of the Tibetan people by the Chinese regime.

Tibet is experiencing the same terrible situation as East Turkistan, the lockdowns have caused food shortages and hunger among its citizens.

The videos posted show many people waiting in lines in the middle of the night to be transported to the quarantine camps.

“I am a bit shocked!” one local social media user wrote. “What I saw was a total of 28 buses lined up outside Lhasa Nagqu No. 2 Senior High School, and then still more [buses] were coming. One bus can fit around 50 people, so there must have been around 1,400 positive cases. There was a blind man, there were elderly people in wheelchairs, there were swaddled-up babies, getting on the bus at 9.30 pm up to now. We’ve been waiting for 5 hours and we’re still waiting now. It’s just pure chaos at the school entrance, there is no order. I won’t sleep tonight.”

Citizens overwhelmed by the situation used Weibo, Douyin, and other social media platforms to report on the unsanitary conditions in these camps—a lack of proper hygiene, food, and medical care.

This is the case of a Tibetan woman who said her husband and three young children were taken to the Lhasa High School Quarantine Center because the COVID-19 test results were not accurate.

Officials forced her to take her family to live in quarantine with 800 other people in a camp. The woman said her children developed fevers and there were no doctors, no medicine or medical treatment.

But it is well known that the Tibetan people have long experienced CCP violence and that the “zero-COVID” campaign is in fact just another pretext for further human rights abuses against the people of Tibet.

Everyday CCP censorship

After the huge public exposure, CCP censors applied themselves to Weibo, deleting all videos documenting the chaos of the “zero-COVID” crackdown in the region.

A week ago, the CCP issued a warning explaining that it would close the accounts of those who share these revealing publications.

A young Tibetan woman logged on to the social network Douyin to tell her followers that she had been receiving threatening calls from the police, the woman said, “If I disappear, you know what happened to me.”

It was also learned that three people were arrested for publishing “false” information related to the pandemic.

According to reports, censors deleted posts describing abuses during lockdowns and other related events, even shutting down a feature on Weibo that allows users to view “trending topics in their city.”

Tibet, a region repressed by the Chinese communist regime

Tibet before 1950 was an independent region, whose population was centered on Tibetan Buddhism. But since the Chinese regime has been in power, with its atheistic stance, it has sought to eliminate all autonomy from the territory and eradicate the Tibetan religion, initiating a cultural and religious genocide that continues today.

It should be noted that the Dalai Lama has been a refugee in India since 1996, and since then thousands of Tibetans have been imprisoned on charges of “political subversion” for persisting in their faith.

Tibetans to date are repressed, arrested, tortured, taken to forced labor camps, brainwashed, and had their organs harvested.

Recently, an investigation by the Tibetan Action Institute revealed that children are separated from their parents and taken to boarding schools for indoctrination, where they are arbitrarily assaulted, sexually abused, and subjected to terrible physical punishment.

Tibetan children must abandon their faith, culture, and language, learn Mandarin and learn about patriotism and loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party, only to be forced to join the ranks of the CCP army.

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