Chinese overseas media outlet The Epoch Times reported on September 27 that the mass mandatory polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing and random locking down cities have stirred up much outcry among Chinese people.

Tie Liu is an 89-year-old Chinese writer and a former journalist in Chengdu city. 

On September 22, In an open online letter to the Chinese regime’s Prime Minister, he condemned the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) draconian ‘Zero-COVID’ policies. 

He demanded an explanation of any legal basis for such procedures.

He said, “The party [CCP] should govern the party affairs, and the government should govern governmental affairs. But now that the party governs everything, what does the government do?” 

He added, During the pandemic, [the party] locks down cities and closes streets and roads. Daily PCR tests, yellow and red codes, taking people away and isolating them—everything is chaotic and messy. 

He continued, “There is widespread discontent among ordinary people, who have nowhere to complain.”

Tie Liu, meaning “iron torrent” in Chinese, is his pen name. His name is Huang Zerong. 

The outspoken octogenarian is a native of Chengdu in China’s southwestern Sichuan Province and has been an active critic of the CCP.

Tie Liu wrote that during the lockdown of cities and the closure of roads and streets, some people committed suicide by jumping off buildings, and some had mental problems.

Some people were acutely ill but died because they could not enter the hospital without nucleic acid testing.

He recalled a cholera outbreak in Chengdu in 1943 when Kuomintang was in power. 

He said the cholera was very infectious and severe, with symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting.

Two residents living on the same street with him died within two weeks.

He wrote; however, the Kuomintang never locked down the city or the street, nor did it mess the ordinary people around. 

Now there is no death [caused by COVID-19 in Chengdu], but the CCP doesn’t allow ordinary people to live a peaceful life.

He also wrote about the Guizhou quarantine bus crash that killed 27 people on September 18.

Tie Liu asked the Premier if the PCR mandates come from the State Council and, if yes, the legal basis for such a regulation.

The critic wrote that the Chinese country has a constitution and various laws. And he has not found a clause prohibiting entering the hospital without nucleic acid testing.

Therefore, he is writing to the State Council for an explicit explanation.

Tie Liu said on September 25, in an interview with the Chinese language edition of The Epoch Times. “Without PCR tests, you’re not allowed to enter a hospital, a supermarket, a village, or a town. What rule is this? And there’s no legal basis!”

He went to see the doctor at the Special Outpatient Department of Chengdu Western Hospital for some medication on September 22. 

Still, the hospital didn’t admit him because he had no PCR test certificate.

Tie Liu said, “I am almost 90 and in poor health. I am a patient of terminal lung cancer.”

He said he spends most of his time inside the house and seldom goes out for large gatherings. And he doesn’t want to take either PCR tests or COVID jabs.

So he asked the hospital authorities if they had government regulations that required mandatory PCR tests to enter a hospital.

He said the hospital authorities couldn’t show him such regulations, but they wouldn’t allow him in. 

Tie Liu added, “They even threatened to turn my green health code red if I refused to take the PCR test that day.”

Authorities asked people with a red health code to be in their homes or quarantine centers in China.

That prompted Tie Liu’s decision to write an open letter to the prime minister.

The letter said, “At my age, I do not have anything to fear. I just want to clarify if the State Council stipulates it. If not, why don’t hospitals allow people to enter?”

The letter was later removed and is now not available online in China.

However, Gao Yu, a Chinese freelance journalist and dissident, posted the letter on September 24 in a Tweet

Tie Liu told the publication that many people reposted his open letter and praised him for speaking up for ordinary people.  

He sighed, “There are too few Chinese people who tell the truth and speak honestly.”  

The writer added, “Everyone is afraid. But the more afraid you are, the more [the authorities] bully people. The more afraid you are, the more they will bring you down.” 

The letter said that the Chinese regime just acted recklessly and messed around. And the country has no rule of law at all.
Gao Fei, a human rights activist in Huanggang city of China’s Hubei Province, said, “Tie Liu came forward to speak the truth, which is really admirable.”

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