Netizens comment about the matter in a sarcastic tone, 

“It’s great to have a party certificate!” 

“This shows how chaotic the management of cadres and personnel in various local government departments is”.Chinese people are furious with the recent news about Chinese Communist Party officials still receiving wages while serving sentences in prison. 

On Wednesday, the website of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection – China’s anti-corruption agency – published an article titled “Preventing Discounts in Execution of Disciplinary Measures “. Accordingly, some officials were getting promotions while serving their sentences. They also receive their wages as usual.

Some officials still hold their leadership positions in state-owned enterprises even after being expelled from the Party, and they are constantly moving upwards in salary scales after being jailed and punished. 

For example, Yu Mou is the chairman and general manager of Sanmen Chengguan Grain and Oil Co., Ltd., a state-owned enterprise in Sanmen County. He was expelled from the Party, meaning losing his membership. But his role as chairman and general manager has not been revoked for more than a year. 

Cui Moumou was the deputy director of the New Rural Cooperative Medical Management Center in Baicheng City. He had been dismissed, but his boss still raised his salary, violating party laws.

Not long ago, Shanghai was given a serious warning and punishment for violating work discipline, but the sub-district personnel cadres of Shanghai still received bonuses after being assessed as “competent”.

There have been many cases of violations. Many of those who have been punished still received year-end bonuses and got promoted.

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