Under China’s strict Covid measures, people are frequently exposed to different hardships.  

A video showing a woman in Dandong being harassed by the police has become viral on the Internet.

Last Tuesday, June 21, a woman surnamed Hao in Dandong got the Covid test in the morning and got a negative result and a pass from her community. She then took her father to the hospital to get medicine. But a police officer stopped her car en route.

Ms. Hao: “This is the certificate issued by the community, then I go back. Is it alright?”

But the police did not let the woman go forward or return. During the dispute, the woman was pushed to the ground.

Ms. Hao: “Stay away from me.”

Dandong police: “I want you to leave now.”

Ms. Hao: “You get up, push me, oh my, the police pushed me down.”

Witnessing the scene, her 70-year-old father moved forward and slapped the police in the face. The police fell to the ground, immediately covered his face and shouted: “Have you already caught it?”

Netizens called him an “actor.”

Ms. Hao: “Stop pretending; get up quickly.”

Dandong police: “Don’t let her go, don’t let her go.”

Ms. Hao: “Stop pretending, get up and call 110 right now.”

Dandong police: “Have you recorded it? Have you recorded it? Yes, yes, yes.”

Perhaps out of revenge, the policeman who was sitting on the ground, jumped up and pulled the woman out of the car. Her knee was injured and bleeding.

Ms. Hao shouted: “He pulled me out [of the car].”

In the end, the authorities issued a notice saying nothing about the police officer’s violence. Instead, they punished both dad and daughter. Local police said that the woman, 41, was given 10 days of administrative detention for obstruction of duty and the father, 70, faces criminal arrest for attacking a police officer.

Ms. Hao said, “When I got to the place to get medicine, I had already passed two posts. And everyone let me pass, but only he would not let me pass. He said that he would not let me pass with a yellow code. So is it right that, if one gets sick, one has to await death.”

In the video, the woman tried to argue with the police to let her pass. Her father had undergone bowel surgery, and she was taking him to the hospital for a check-up. She said she had been given a permit to pick up his medication. The father was seen constantly covering his abdomen with his hands.

The case sparked public outrage. Many netizens criticized the police and opposed the authorities’ one-size-fits-all inhumane policies.

Mr. Song, a resident from Dandong, said: “Let the foreign countries see it. I have not seen this even in North Korea. Barbed wire fences 20 meters, 30 meters long. We are unarmed people. The police in uniforms suppress the people with dictatorship measures. The streets are full of police monitoring the people. Make trouble even for ambulances coming to rescue the seniors. Is this still a normal society? 

The people have a boiling fire in their hearts; you do all the wrong things, one day you set fire to it, and the government building will burn to the ground.”

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