Shanghai has just upgraded its Covid-19 prevention and control measures. The city authorities admit to adopting household disinfection of infected residents. Moreover, they are likely to apply a stricter approach, saying “one person infected, whole building isolated.”

The deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development, Jin Chen, said at a press conference on May 10 that [quote] “disinfection work should be carried out in the living places of positively infected people.”

However, if adjacent or surrounding households share kitchens and bathrooms with the infected person, the interior of those places should also be disinfected.

He added that household disinfection is critical for epidemic prevention and control.

Deputy director of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention Sun Xiaodong identified two kinds of contacts, close and sub-close.

If the infected person has an independent kitchen and bathroom, people living with him are classified as “close” contacts, while the residents on the same floor and the floors above and below are “sub-close” contacts.

If the infected person lives without a separate kitchen and bathroom, people who share those facilities with him or live on the same floor or village house are classified as “close” contacts. Other buildings or village house residents are judged to be “sub-close” contacts.

So far, the financial hub has not used this judgment method in more than a month of strict lockdown. This new assessment method expands the range of close and sub-close contacts. Therefore, more people will need to be quarantined.

Of course, for disobedient residents, the authorities will take coercive measures.

Some Shanghai residents noticed these upgraded measures a few days ago.

Netizens even posted a video on May 8 showing that the epidemic prevention personnel broadcast via loudspeakers in the community: “Residents should not go out. If one person is infected, the whole building will be isolated.”

But the city officials now publicly admit that this is the first time.

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