Another Chinese official who fell from a building to his death is Cong Zhihong, 47 years old. He had 24 years of service in the public security system in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province.

Since Sept. 2019, he had been the deputy mayor of Jianping county, Liaoning province, concurrently secretary, and director of the security department. In May, he was appointed deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission of Chaoyang City.

A person in charge of the Chaoyang Public Security Department said that Cong Zhihong’s incident happened on Dec. 13, at an old house where he previously lived.

The following day after an investigation, the local police concluded that Cong Zhihong fell to the ground and died. They officially ruled out the possibility that he was killed.

The Chaoyang City Political and Legal Affairs Commission staff also confirmed on Dec. 14, that the news is accurate, further details were not disclosed.

During his time at the Chaoyang Public Security Bureau, Cong Zhihong was repeatedly reported by that he had joined in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners under the direction of Jiang Zemin’s faction.

After Zhihong’s death was published, one Chinese social media user said, he must have known too much, so he was killed to cover up the evidence.

Another user commented: It happened on the 13th. All criminal investigations were completed on December 14th, and the conclusion was suicide. The performance of the police is really too productive, unbelievable.

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