There has been heavy rain in southern China over the last several days. As a result, the low-lying Pearl River has become dangerously flooded due to torrential rains.

On June 21, Shaoguan, Guangdong, got the peak of “once in 50 years” floods, as waters rose to 186 feet. As a result, the local flood control emergency response has been increased to level 1, the maximum degree.

According to Sina, the urban area of ​​Shaoguan has been hit with severe flooding since June 19. A total of 20 schools in the city and about 62,100 people have been affected, and 16,100 people have been evacuated. In addition, almost 600 houses and 1,100 roads have collapsed in the city. The estimated economic loss amounts to about $1 million.

Secondary disasters like flash floods suddenly happened in Shaoguan city. Images of a large fire truck being swept away by the floodwaters and a man submerged in the water holding an older man above the water while waiting for rescue show how dangerous this flood is.

The Guangzhou Railway Group suspended the operation of the Beijing-Guangzhou General-speed Rail trains passing through Shaoguan. As a result, more than 36,000 stranded passengers have been transferred.

In addition to Guangdong, many places in Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hunan, and other provinces and regions have also experienced floods, flash floods, or geological disasters due to days of rainfall.

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