As the eve of the 20th National Congress draws close, many things have been banned by the Chinese regime. Beijing recently imposed bans on vehicles carrying dangerous chemicals on the city’s roads from October 8 to October 25.

As Chinese state-run media Huanqiu reported, the notice states that the move will maintain Beijing’s traffic efficiency and safety.

On September 21, China’s State Post Bureau, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of National Security also published a notice on improving the safety management of items delivered during the 20th National Congress.

Accordingly, from October 1 to the end of the 20th National Congress, express postal companies need to tighten up real-name receipt and delivery, security inspection of delivered items, and receipt and delivery inspection, among others.

According to a report by CCTV on September 19, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice on tightening aircraft management in the Beijing area.

This measure will be in effect from September 19 until October 31. 

Ahead of a five-yearly congress of the Chinese regime next month, all individuals and organizations in the administrative region of Beijing are prohibited from using low-altitude aircraft and drones.

Various kinds of unapproved flying activities and tethered balloons activities are also banned.

In addition, the Chinese government’s vocal critics are to be escorted by police, and they have been told to leave the capital city in the next few days.

Beijing-based commentator and former 1989 student protester Ji Feng told Radio Free Asia on September 21, “I’m traveling right now,” adding, “[Officials] from my hometown are here with me.”

Ji speculated that thousands of other activists are also being asked to leave the area.

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