Pictures of children’s songs promoting nucleic acid testing went viral on the Weibo social network. Netizens considered this type of propaganda of testing to be mentally flawed.

The song in children’s books has been recorded by a child’s voice and streamed online to encourage children to get tested for Covid. There are even regional dialect variants.

A netizen posted a video of the Covid testing song. It is recorded with children’s voices and illustrated with a cat singing about the test.

According to CNA, many netizens do not accept such children’s songs. They, in turn, leave messages like whether poisoning and bullying children at such a young age is acceptable. A person’s whole life is waiting for a nucleic acid test, and human life will be exhausted in this waiting.

In addition to critical comments, some expressed frustration and helplessness.

Promoting testing Covid is somehow a way of making money. Li Hengqing, an economist in the U.S., told Da Ji Yuan that the cost of nucleic acid testing has flowed out of state coffers and into the pockets of the government. The authorities pay for the nucleic acid tests, and behind the genetic testing, organizations are under the government’s control.

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