The industrial park accounts for 70% of the global nucleic acid raw material market, with an annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan (about 223 billion dollars). 

Yahoo News reported that the industrial park would have a 120-mu (8 hectares) nucleic acid industry technology center and 11 R&D incubation buildings totaling 110,000 square meters. The main Chinese suppliers of “chips” for nucleic acid detection reagents would also be in the development zone.

According to Yahoo News, China established the first “Nucleic Acids Industrial Park” to help research nucleic acid biomedical R&D companies.

After learning about this facility, Chinese citizens turned to social media to express their concerns. One wrote, “Nucleic acid is not only testing, but also refers to the biomedical industry.”

Some have commented mockingly saying,

“I am not ashamed but proud of this;” “It seems that some people really don’t want to let the epidemic end;” and “When nucleic acid becomes an industry, can the epidemic end?”

At the same time, some commented that nucleic acid also includes DNA, mRNA drugs, raw materials, and many more, not just ordinary tests. 

They concluded that Beijing’s regime has upgraded its measures: From normalization to generalization, then financialization, and ended up with industrialization. 

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