Putin has recently warned that a direct war with Russia would cause a “global catastrophe.” The situation became worse when Beijing told its people living in Ukraine to evacuate right away. There are fears of escalation, even to the point of nuclear war.

Last Saturday, October 15, CCP mouthpiece Global Times posted a message on Twitter:

“With the current grim security situation in #Ukraine, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese Embassy in Ukraine on Sat urge Chinese citizens in the country to enhance safety precautions and evacuate. The embassy will assist in organizing the evacuation of people in need.”

Since last Monday, October 10, the Chinese embassy in Ukraine has sent three consecutive statements. In its statement, the embassy warned Chinese people about “serious security situation” in the country and asked them to “take immediate shelter measures and prepare emergency supplies.”

The embassy stated that the Chinese in Ukraine have become less concerned about air raid alerts. It asks them to leave the nation as soon as possible.

It’s not clear if China’s urgent request for its citizens to leave Ukraine is due to a potential nuclear war or just because tensions in the war-raid country are rising.

Serbia, a longtime Russian ally, will also close and evacuate its embassy in Ukraine.

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, is just one of many people who are worried about the growing nuclear threat. In a Twitter post, he wrote:

“Russia has the ability to destroy USA & Europe utterly with nuclear missiles in less than 30 minutes & vice versa.

A surprising number of people don’t know this.

Of course, it would be MAD to use them, but it is also MAD to be in this situation at all.”

Although we don’t know if Elon Mask made a pun, MAD is reminiscent of the acronym M.A.D., which stands for Mutually Assured Destruction. It is related to the Cold War and the nuclear arms race. NATO has just launched the annual nuclear exercise called “Steadfast Noon” on Monday, October 17. NATO said the exercise helped ensure NATO’s nuclear deterrence was “safe, secure and effective.” But it said that this is just a routine training exercise, without any live weapons.

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