Amid COVID returning, Beihai put 246 high-risk areas under control measures. Besides high fences, this comeback isolation is upgraded with 24 hour guards and door-to-door screening.

According to mainland netizens, starting on July 24, the streets and alleys in Beihai City will be closed. Every intersection is guarded by police 24 hours a day, and the closure will last for 2 weeks.

On the same day, the city carried out its eleventh round of nucleic acid screening. The official claimed to carry out door-knocking and zero-clearing operations so they would miss no one.

They also push online shopping and contactless delivery.

Wang, a resident, told Jimu News that people are storing food through the online platform. This app is open for a certain time every day, and closed half an hour after opening.

As the Chinese government tightens outbreak control, people are concerned that this approach is a lockdown or a political campaign. 

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