According to sources, news of the protests of the “White Paper Movement” against the CCP’s pandemic policy in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, recently spread all the way to the interior of North Korea, making the North Korean people surprised.

A source in North Hamgyong province told DailyNK on December 8, “The news of the protests in China has spread to the border area of Hoeryong city.”

According to sources, news of large-scale protests against the CCP has spread through people in the border area between China and North Korea, who use Chinese mobile phones to make contact abroad. After hearing about the protests in China, people who are going through a serious crisis related to the new strain of COVID-19 have paid great attention to the related situation.

People in the city of Hoeryong were shocked to hear about the protests in China, a socialist country.

A residents of the city said, “I was really surprised when I heard about the protests in China.”

Another said, “China is a socialist country, the political control over Chinese people is similar to ours, so a lot of North Koreans are paying attention to this issue.”

One person commented,”North Koreans are very curious about why the Chinese people who live better than us go to protest, and we want to know the causes and results of those protests.”

News of the protests in China incited North Koreans already oppressed by an unprecedented policy of political terror and lockdown.

Another Hoeryong resident said: “After hearing about the protests in China, some people boldly said: ‘We should also risk our lives to do something like the Chinese people.'”

But there are also people who are cautious, “If you are not careful when you speak, maybe one day you will disappear without anyone knowing.”

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