The 2022 Nobel Prize laureates were announced this past week. One every day from Monday October 3 to Friday October 7, from the medicine to the peace prize. China did not win any but has five “winners.” Chinese official media and local governments claim that the Nobel winners have ties to four Chinese universities.The state-owned People’s Literature Publishing House of China also claimed that the Nobel laureate in literature was a writer from its publishing house.The related news has attracted attention from the outside world.

The WeChat account “Youhui Jixie” on October 7 mocked that, after the Nobel laureate in physics was announced, “Modern Breaking News” wrote, “One of the winners of the 2022 Nobel Prize in physics is an emeritus professor at Nanjing University, and also declared Nanjing University as the university with the first winner in China.” The report also emphasized that Austrian physicist Anton Zeilinger, one of the Nobel Prize winners, is an honorary professor who was invited to teach at Nanjing University in 2016. He signed a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the Austrian Academy of Science with Nanjing University and conducted collaborations in many fields such as quantum physics.

According to Vision Times, the “Modern Breaking News” newspaper, formerly under China’s official media – Xinhua, is now part of Phoenix Media and Publishing Group.

After the winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry was announced, Tongji University in Shanghai was not to be outdone and hastily announced that it was the second winner, because one of the winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry is K. Barry Sharpless, also a professor emeritus at the school.

Many followers of “Youhui Jixie” WeChat account have left sarcastic comments under this post. Following Tongji University, Xi’an Transportation University and University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, Anhui Province, became the third and fourth winners, because Nobel Prize winner Anton Zeilinger is also an honorary professor at Xi’an Transportation University and “outstanding professor at the University of Science and Technology of China.” According to, the WeChat account of the Hefei city government information office also published a document on October 6 to propagate this.

The post by “Youhui Jixie” also pointed out that, the four winners are still not as good as the last prize winner— the People’s Literature Publishing House is really the big winner. Because the Nobel laureate in literature, the French writer Annie Ernaux is considered a writer of their publisher. RFA reported that the WeChat public account of People’s Literature Publishing House also aired a post on the evening of October 6 with the title “2022 Nobel Prize laureate in Literature was announced! The award belongs to the writer of Literature Publishing House!” The article has now had more than 100,000 views. Chinese netizens were unable to hold back their annoyance and ridiculed the People’s Literature Publishing House for being so greedy for glory that it is shameless. 

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