Recently, residents in Guangzhou have held rare protests against China’s COVID measures. The extended lockdowns due to a spike in COVID cases in the area prompted the demonstrations.

Videos circulating on social media show that hundreds of people took to the streets in Guangzhou’s Haizhu district on Monday night to protest. Some even pushed over barricades to prevent locked-down residents from leaving their homes.

A few clashed with officials in hazmat suits.

Protesters chanted, “No more testing.” They even threw debris at the police. 

Several policemen were later dispatched to the scene.

At the time of going to press, Bloomberg News could not contact the Haizhu authority’s office as no one answered the phone. 

Another video shows a man attempting to swim across a stream that separates the affected district of Haizhu from the neighboring area. Bystanders speculate the man was fleeing the lockdown.

Most of Guangzhou’s COVID cases are centered in the Haizhu district. This 1.8 million population district is located on the southern bank of the Pearl River.

In late October, authorities imposed the first snap lockdown there. Dozens of residential neighborhoods are under the scope of this round of lockdowns. 

And on Monday, the district-wide lockdown order was extended until Wednesday night, with relief only in some small areas.
After nearly three years of restrictions under the regime’s ‘zero-COVID’ policy, Chinese people, especially those living in urban centers, are increasingly agitated.

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