This might not be a good time to travel around China, as passengers may end up in a silently closed city, and they would be forced into a quarantine facility and pay a fee.

According to Radio Free Asia, this has been the case for those who visited Fuyang city 阜阳 of China’s northwestern province Anhui in recent days. 

Allegedly, officials imposed a lockdown on the city after detecting one COVID infection. However, they have tried to downplay the measure, causing many oblivious outsiders to keep arriving. Once there, they would be ordered to stay in an isolation facility and pay hefty quarantine fees.

Sources told the station that hundreds of people have fallen into this “trap” daily since the lockdown began. One person from a Fuyang hotel that has been put in isolation said they charge 400 yuan (over $56) per day for accommodation. The person, however, did not know how much had been agreed between the hotel and the local government.

According to China Highlights, the average minimum costs for luxurious hotels in China would range from around 130 to 250 yuan (approximately $18 to $35).

One official from the city confirmed that Fuyang had been closed since September 28. However, they considered lifting the measure after October 4 if there is no new infection. The individual nonetheless rejected if officials were using any tactic to squeeze out money from people outside of the city.

Chinese media Xin Tang Ren reports similar situations in other parts of the country. Citizens told the outlet that Xiushan county of the southeast of Chongqing Municipality was also closed after only one positive case, leaving many foreigners and vehicles stranded.

Others confirmed that travelers had been stranded in Lingyuan, Liaoning Province. They were also taken into isolation, with the hotel costs reaching several hundred yuan daily.

One Chengdu citizen claimed that even as officials shut down the city, high-speed rail was still functional. Reportedly, the authorities kept the measure active without leasing any official infection data.

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